Tue. Feb 7th, 2023


As a OnePlus fan, you’ll want to know more about the company’s new Oneplus Nordic CE 5G smartphone. Unlike its predecessor, the Nord CE offers dual SIM support and 5G connectivity. But there are some cons to this device, which make it less appealing to some people. Here are some of them. The 3.5mm headphone jack and a lack of Gorilla Glass protection are just two of the problems that it has. OnePlus has been flexing its design muscles with the Nord CE, but the phone’s other features are very appealing. Oneplus Nord CE 5G

The OnePlus Nord CE’s screen has a 90-Hz refresh rate, resulting in excellent contrast and sharpness. While the color reproduction isn’t as vibrant as that of many other mid-range phones, it still makes for a good viewing experience. And the buttons on the Oneplus Nord CE 5G have a crisp pressure point, leaving an impression that it’s a high-quality smartphone.

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G will go on pre-order on June 11 and open for sale on June 16 (depending on where you live). The phone will be available globally, though not in North America. The price range for this phone is affordable, starting at Rs20,999 ($280) in India and PS229 (£253) in the UK. Those in the UK can pick up the phone for around PS229 ($319).

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G comes in a few configurations. Although it is not rooted, users may experience problems with apps. To solve these problems, users should uninstall third-party apps, use the System Launcher, and download the lite versions of apps. If this doesn’t work, you can also try hard-resetting the device and running the latest software. If it doesn’t help, rooting the device is an option for the Oneplus Nord CE 5G.

Although the OnePlus Nord CE is billed as the core variant of the Nord, it is a far cry from the OnePlus flagship. The OnePlus CE retains the same fluid curves and oblong camera housing, but a plastic rear make the phone feel less premium. The camera module, meanwhile, is an impressive 16MP. OnePlus has made a lot of big phones in the past couple of years, but this latest smartphone makes a lot of sense.

The OnePlus Nord CE is slimmer than the OnePlus X, which was also slimmer but heavier. It weighs just over one hundred grams, so it’s much more convenient to carry. The 3.5mm headphone jack is present on both models, which means that they are not identical. The battery is also more expensive, so be prepared to shell out more money to buy a new phone. But overall, we like OnePlus’ latest offering.

In terms of camera quality, the OnePlus Nord CE is much better than its predecessor. The camera output is brighter and more detailed in the Nightscape mode compared to the normal mode. However, the device loses some details in low-light situations. This is an area where OnePlus needs to improve. The downside to the camera quality is the lack of a second camera. Oneplus should make sure that the camera has a dual front camera if they intend to sell the OnePlus Nord CE.

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